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Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) messed up the celebration now to get him into more trouble. NFL????????????-?????????Ian Rapoport???????????????????????|??????????????????????????45-10????????????3??????????????????????NFL????11576????? Brown made at the end of the fourth quarter punt return touchdowns, then he tried to jump and hold the post, but his action is not perfect. He was punished for violating sportsmanship for the movement. Brown had successfully completed somersault celebrations before , but he is very likely to restrain the urge to celebrate Gymnastics in the future so as not to lose his salary.The official website of NFL | Matt - Ford why helpless outside of the Cutler evaluation of bad | football for Matt Fo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rd (Matt Forte) next season will be the first time he has made a pass with the quarterback, except Jay Cutler (Jay Culter). ruled out injuries, and Ford and Cutler put up the Chicago bear's last 7 season's attacking team until Cutler moved to New York jets next season. Cutler has been questioned, he can ignore these questions, but when the evaluation from the old teammate Ford, that is another matter, I feel bad for Cutler, because he always focus on the camera, they always say his body language, I mean every person's body language are not good the place, but he has become the focus. this can not blame Ford, the media does love Cutler because of his bad performance and focused manner, Ford continued to explain that in front of the media, this is the choice of media presented to the audience, but this is not what he said, I watched him here to grow slowly, he changed a lot. for Cutler, what he can do is not to change the view of the outside world, but to win more games, because the quarterback is doomed to bear the responsibility of the team.The New Jersey release ceremony in Moscow in the eastern part of the Lev Yashin (Lev Yassin - Russia and the history of world football legend keeper, is also a former club player) held named after the city. As the new season in Russia and Europe will be wearing blue dynamo club with a white jersey and has a sleeve side of the home court color changes the shorts and socks. The stadium shirt will be a classic full white robe, and the main stadium shirts are equipped with a modern white polo collar.The official website of NFL | Mustang receiver Saunders believe Manning will not retire | football Denver wild horse outside Immanuel Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) previously said to join the wild horse is just like entering the catch heaven. The new professional bowl player has recently expressed the hope that the next season will continue to help the team as a pass by Payton Manning (Peyton Manning). Saunders said: "it was a great season, and although it didn't get into the super bowl, the professional bowl was an affirmative for myself." I took over 100 times this season and took 1400 yards. I really appreciate Payton and believe he will be on the pitch next season. The 2014 season of Mustang has ended, and the biggest question now is whether Manning will choose to retire after the team has solved the coach problem. Saunders believes Manning will continue to fight, and he is confident that he will continue to work with the legendary quarterback in the 2015 season. At the same time, Saunders also said that even if Manning really choose to retire, the team's backup quarterback Bullock Oswald vhailor (Brock Osweiler) also has the ability in Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) to help lead the team forward. Saunders said: I think Bullock has been studying, and his growth is obvious to all. I really love the Kubiak offense, Bullock is very suitable for such a style.

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