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has just been laid off the Losangeles rams James Laurie Neidich may not be out of work for a long time. , according to insiders, the saints of New Orleans will arrange a trip to Louisiana for the 29 year old line Guardian on Tuesday, of course, mainly to discuss the contract. The saints expressed a strong interest after the Laurie's cut last week. Even the saints to grab the lock linebacker at the other team and Laurie Neidich approached before. last week Losangeles goats cut the number of the first in team history. The job cuts are mainly to save salary space. But in fact, although last season Laurie Neidich holds the number reached 109, the seven consecutive season holds several hundred, but his condition is very serious decline. Last season, he said one of the worst interior guards in the league, especially in the face of the ground attack. once again, the saints in the offseason trying to renovate their defense in a disastrous state. Fortunately, Sean Payton's boss or som cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e young people of high quality such as Stephen Anthony, Lee - Kika Kazakhstan, German - Block J and Kenny - Vaccaro, Cameron - if they are players like Jordan side continued to grow, the future of the saints defense may change. last offseason saints have tried to sign some veteran, expect their leadership and experience to help bring the defense. Cornerback Brandon browner came last year, this year the saints will what gains?tiger news July 19th Weile viand - Baer ran (Le'Veon Bell) not in the long-term contract Monday before the deadline to sign Pittsburgh Steelers out. When simply said on twitter, "I guess I have to get better", Baer expressed his feelings to ESPN. "it's a bit frustrating, but it's a business," Baer said. "If I think my value is higher than their price, I'm not in a hurry to sign a contract that doesn't fit my value." Baer did not specify how the Steelers out of the contract or have their own psychological price is how much. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported Monday the Steelers made a annual salary of more than $12 million contract. But the problem is the guarantee of the contract. The Steelers usually not included in the contract after the first year a lot of income. Baer currently has $12 million 100 thousand worth of privilege tag, making him the highest paid runner in the league, which is more than 4 million dollars in the annual salary of second Sean, Mccoy and Mccoy. Baer said he only wanted to play the Steelers, but he said he would not sign the contract when the franchise tag and to camp. He had no obligation to take part in the training before he signed the contract. Baer, who is recovering from surgery after , said he did not have much time to prepare for the new season, which meant he planned to miss training at least for the opening stage. now this situation is likely to result in Baer again showed he is a double threat, then we can see in the next offseason he signed a big contract.Baltimore Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys crow game yet, but the crow defensive coach Dean pieth (Dean Pees) said that he is hard to believe that the Dakota (Dak Prescott) - Prescott is a rookie quarterback. said pieth said: "I don't think that after 9 games, he also called the rookie player, you can say he is the first player of the year, but he definitely is no longer a rookie, he has too many gifts, after those games you can see that he can make the team work well again, in him I can't see rookie traces, like other outstanding quarterback, he had a great talent, if this is his first game I would say" this is good, there is a rookie quarterback performance can also be "but now the cowboy 8 wins and 1 losses, all this will change your view." in fact, Prescott is in the game looks like a seasoned veteran quarterback, and he had a chance to beat the best quarterback passing score history (at least completed 100 passes), although we were his first 9 games to the stunning but next year will be what, after five years, what would it look like also need to wait. Perhaps this is the implication Olympus . Of course, as a defensive coach pieth clearly needs to see things that are invisible to our fans. ? even-even soccer equipment network Adidas company in the Spanish royal society club jointly announced the team's 2017-18 season new home court and away shirts, adhering to the "Adidas new season from the stadium to the street" concept, New Jersey in the club and carry forward the tradition of innovation, the unique details of the world to spare no effort to promote Basque's language and culture. The design of New Jersey details design a chic shirt collar, showing a cute cartoon icon robins, and combining the abstract letter "E (Euskara, Basque)". This is a sign to popularize Basque's public welfare activities, "to put wings in Basque's language", so that the club can make contributions to the protection and promotion of Basque's dialects in this way.

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