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The official website of NFL, the Panthers defensive player Raiders fans don't know what a black hole is in football nest fans of Oakland Raiders will obviously be more excited this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, because his rowing is likely to affect the away team. Oakland fans' dress and shout are known as black holes. They are also one of the famous noise producing teams in NFL fans. You can see countless faces on the scene with black paint and their black armor. These people are black holes. The black hole is a notorious presence among the Raider fans, and the alliance is well known, but it seems that some players don't know about it. Defensive end Il - Kona panther (Kona Ealy) said: I do not know what is a black hole, this is the first time I heard this name. is now 4 - 6 for panther and 8 - 2 for the raider, and the Panther and yel have a difficult task to finish. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views an cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d is responsible for its authenticity.will retain the Denver Broncos Vance Joseph (Vance Joseph). Joseph, who is the coach of the wild horse in the first year of the season, will continue to teach next season. Although Joseph's job security, his coaching will change. Special teams coordinator Bullock - Olivo (Brock Olivo), assistant coach and coach Eric, who ran Sitadesi (Eric Studesville), line coach Geoff - Davidson (Jeff Davidson) and coach Tolbert took over Tektronix (Tyke Tolbert) have been fired. was doubtful whether Joseph could stay in the team after a bad game of wild horse this season. After winning more than 5 seasons in a row, the wild horse was only 5 - 11 in the season, of which 8 games lost more than 10 points. The root cause of poor performance of Mustang is quarterback position, Trevor Siemian Trevor Siemian Brock Osweiler and Bullock Lynch (Paxton Lynch) failed to show the qualified first quarterback level. To be fair, the mess in the position of the wild horse quarterback is not caused by Joseph. Two years ago, Lynch selected wild horses in the draft, but the latter has been disappointing to the present. Mustang still excellent players in the defensive team, although they are losing a lot of games this season ranked twenty-second in the league, averaging loss of number third in the league. This shows that a lot of points are due to attack errors caused by the conversion of the ball group. Joseph remained in office after a bad first year, but the pressure on his shoulder would be greater in 2018. If the new season's wild horse still doesn't show up, he will probably lose his job soon.At present, has identified four Baltimore crow Joe Flach (Joe Flacco) they will play Sunday against the New York jets game. Frank had missed Wednesday and training on Thursday, but Friday to return to the team training camp, the team still played in Frank's squad marked appearance of "doubtful", but his playing very high probability. now the crow and the 3 games, the total record 3 - 3 negative, and the jet is now 1 - 5 negative, the game is crucial to the crow. Attack group performance when Frank crow played well, is the backup quarterback Ryan Mallet (Ryan Mallett) is clearly not the offensive group., according to local media reports in Boston, the new England patriots have deprived quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) personal trainer privileges. This deepened to Biliqieke trainer and coach Bill (Bill Belichick) the disharmony between speculation. Alex Guerrero (Alex Guerrero) is Brady's friends, and his business partner, two people together to create the TB12 training center. Since the center for treatment in operating since 2013 and a number of patriots Brady players here and training. is reported to have an office at Gillette stadium near Guerrero patriots locker room. He is no longer allowed to treat players other than Brady in the office. He was also banned from flying in the Patriot team and being forbidden to come to the side of the field to stay with the players. because of this injunction, many patriot players continue to be treated at the TB12 training center. The center is located outside the stadium. on Monday asked between Guerrero and Biliqieke rumors, Brady said. "I have no comment on this matter. I just want to say that this is very clear. Alex has been making great contributions to my achievements. I am very lucky to have him as my friend. Fortunately, we can do everything together." also said that Brady is an important reason for their Guerrero can still play at the age of 40. Well known the relationship between and the Brady guerrero. Reported that in 2015 the Guerrero role in the team have been dissatisfied with some of the team medical team and trainers, they are worried about the way the way the team Guerrero and conflict. This let some team staff express their worries to Billy Cheik. team boss Robert - Kraft (Robert Kraft) said in 2015 that Guerrero role on the team "is not a challenge." "But we have a coach who accepts this, and one who can control his team leader," Kraft said.

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