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The official website of NFL | Mustang or foreign Thomas took the privilege of using the label | Rugby , for Denver wild horse, whether Payton Peyton (Peyton Manning) stays or not, they will try their best to retain de Marius Demaryius Thomas. Thomas will become a free agent in the offseason, the team look forward to extend his contract as soon as possible. NFL official network reporter revealed that if the two sides can not agree on the new contract, the Mustang will not exclude the possibility of using Thomas's privileged label. The reporter also said that the two sides have begun negotiations on the New Testament, but there is no progress yet. If the Mustang chose to use the privileged label for Thomas, it would have a 13 million dollar impact on the team's salary cap. Previously, there was a message that wild horses would prefer to use the privileged labels on the Julius Thomas, the Julius Thomas, the same contract. in addition, or will choose the Mustang and the Weiss Wilk (Wes Welker) part company each going his own way. The veteran's injury and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping time had a sharp decline. He will not be in the team's plan for the new season. Horse general manager John Elvis (John Elway) to retain two of Thomas, Iman and Nur shine collocation of the season - Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders), the Mustang ball lineup is still strong. If Wilke does leave the team or will allow Saunders to return to the slot on the outside, enabled the 2 round of the season rookie Cody Lydia mo (Cody Latimer).NFL's official website, Lille card - Mike in 2018 to discuss a new contract in football nest June 30th news, according to the ESPN reporter, card Lille - Mike (Khalil Mack) is the earliest to wait until 2018 to discuss the new contract. analysis pointed out that the Raiders in 5 year $125 million contract signed Derek Carle (Derek Carr), five years and $56 million to sign Gaby Jackson (Gabe Jackson), the salary cap space has been not enough to give Mike the occupation level bowl linebacker offered a new contract. because both Carle and Jackson's rookie contract expired after the 2017 season, so their renewal priority was ahead. The Raiders had already carried out Mike's fifth - year contract option, so he would have a contract in 2018. Mike's new contract should be a new high price in his peers. He is only 26 years old. He has been elected to the professional bowl and All-Pro two times. He also won the league's annual defensive player award last season. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Denver Mustang has now lost hope in the playoffs, which means a large number of young players may have a chance to play in the last week. coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) told reporters on Monday that the rookie quarterback Paxton Lynch (Paxton Lynch) may be one of the time to obtain a large number of raids against Oakland in the regular season finale of the players. said that in the last game that "everyone" appearance Kubiak said that he plans to make a decision on whether to let Lynch out later this week. Mustang in the Sunday night game in 10-33 against the Kansas City Chiefs completely missed the playoffs, the first team four points waight Trevor Simeon in the game (Trevor Siemian) 183 yards 1 passes by steals made 43 passes just 17 successful. West Aberdeen season has enough for him to be incorporated into the next season starting quarterback consideration. But Lynch still deserves more observation. He has been in the 2 start of the season and has scored 1 to 1. whether Lynch will play the full court, he will definitely participate in the competition for the quarterback player next season. Unless the team introduces other veteran quarterback, the competition should last for the summer.The official website of NFL | Carroll said as far as possible, leaving Lynch | football if the Seattle Seahawks managed to let the horse Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). In the next season, then coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) may not agree. Carol said in an interview with the United States on Thursday: Lynch is still in the contract next year, and we want him to stay. I never wanted him to leave. And further on Friday, he said through the United States today: it would be inspiring for him to play for us next season. We will make every effort to keep him left. Series in the Seahawks drafted Robert (Robert Turbin) - Turbin and Christine Michael (Christine Michael) as Lynch's replacement, and two substitutes in next year's annual salary will reach $5 million and $2 million 500 thousand. When the Seahawks tried to leave Lynch, they eventually found offensively, but more dependent on Lynch. 's point of view on the NFL podcast this week is that Lynch's performance over the past two weeks is better than his 8 years. That's true. In the match against New York giants and Kansas chiefs, Lynch scored a 554 yard attack on the ground and scored a record of the team's history. Carol admitted: Lynch had his best performance came to the Seahawks, he as invincible as foot hot wheels, but also do a lot of the ball, this is what we need, he will never change. After listening to Carroll comments, will make people feel that NFL's plan will not decided, like the Yellow River diversion at any time.

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