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???????????????????????-??3???Victor Cruz?????????????740????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? on Tuesday U.S. time, when the Cruze interviewed said he had no news from the team for a long time, since the playoffs after losing their broken contact. But he didn't think he was going to be sold by the team. He said, "if I want to leave the giant, it must be something wrong." is in the last game and have no chance of this - Mike Adu (Ben McAdoo) AC. The giant will assess the value of the absence of Cruze Cruze, all races of the 2015 season, played in 15 games this season, but he is not an important part of the offensive, this season he 39 receptions for 586 yards and 1 touchdowns. as the leader of the team is behaved at the end of the season, he took the initiative to take the wrong, but the market for a 30 year old veteran and a long history of the player, his future will be really hard.The official website of the Seattle Seahawks NFL | trading to the New York jets football | HARVIN New York jets have cheap nfl jerseys free shipping not yet given up their season. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that the jet to a change according to the conditions of medium picks (ESPN message for the two round to the four round between the Seattle Seahawks) traded wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin). Fawkes sports reporter Jay Glazer (Jay Glazer) first reported the deal, two teams have not yet officially announced the news, but CBS reporter later confirmed that Halven had been informed that it would be traded. Rapoport on twitter that the Seahawks these last few weeks have been rumors in the transaction seeking HARVIN, while the NFL website reporter Albert - Brill (Albert Breer) on twitter said HARVIN's temper is one of the reasons leading to his being traded. was a shocking news for the players for the two teams. In , the Seahawks spent a lot of time in the offseason to change their tactics to maximize the manual as a catcher and HARVIN unique gifts from the back ball attack. But his performance in the 2014 season was not satisfactory, half of his 22 ball held from the open ball line. He received 6 yards of data every time he received the ball, which was the lowest NFL in the hands of at least 5 hits. However, HARVIN brings real talents to the offensive team of the jets, and he could have proven themselves excellent offensive ability of wide receiver Eric Dirk (Eric Decker) to assume the responsibility of the attack. The Seahawks before the start of last season with a round of shows and two low ranking draft from the Minnesota Vikings to deal after they only saw HARVIN, from jet engines get so surprisingly little return. Brill noted that the next four years, HARVIN's salary will be $41 million 500 thousand (but it is worth noting that Rapoport referred to the end of the season after his salary will no longer contain security income), he stressed that the jets general manager John ezroch (John Idzik) is willing to take a lot of space in the team's salary cap HARVIN to take a gamble but, in the Seahawks abandon him before the 2 season he only played 6 regular season games.the new England patriots lost cornerback Darrel ray Weiss in the offseason (Darrelle Revis), but also for them to free up enough space salary. On Wednesday, the Patriot announced an agreement with the former Cleveland Brown Jabbar Hilde (Jabaal Sheard) for a 2 year contract worth 5 million 500 thousand dollars. , 25, has completed 23 times in the past 4 seasons, but the performance and time of the past 2 seasons have declined. In the first two seasons of the career, Hilde completed the 15.5 capture, but last season only played 5 games, and he participated in 690 defense altogether, contributing 2 times to kill. Hilde's biggest feature is his comprehensiveness. He is not only an outside guard but also in the midline and defensive front. For the Patriots, the team will focus on strengthening the 7 people on the frontline because of the second line strength. It is reported that the two round of the 2011 season's rookie has attracted a strong interest in patriots before being selected by Brown. 4 years later, Hilde will further enrich the defensive tactics of the Patriots.another disappointing season of the Jacksonville Jaguar is about to pass, and bad news is always coming. At present, will start the near end Julius Thomas (Julius Thomas) and the defending front end leader Jared Jared (Odrick) on the injury list, both of which basically confirm the season's reimbursement. audric last year just completed a Jaguar and a big contract, the total value of $42 million 500 thousand for 5 years, last season he was brilliant, but this season he only finished 6 games, will produce 1 sacks and 12 tackle data. Thomas is a big contract with the team last year, which is worth 5 years and 46 million dollars. Last season, he finished 46 times to catch the ball and promoted 455 yards and 5 touches. This year 9 games 30 times to catch the ball 281 yards and 4 to reach the goal, but he can't keep healthy. has no doubt that the Jaguar investment has not seen returns this season. They continue their disappointment. So far, they have only won 2 games so far. ?

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