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every new talent needs to learn in all aspects after entering NFL. One important thing is not to depreciate the strength of the opponent after losing the opponent. in the tenth week tournament in Cincinnati day and night by the same district rival Cleveland Brown home court tiger thrashing defeat to rivals by 3:24. AJ- Green (A.J.Green), after the game, said the game was rather ugly. But the tigers' rookie Jeremy - Hill (Jeremy Hill) said Brown didn't make himself feel so strong. Hill told ESPN after the interview: "Brown is not a strong team at all. To tell the truth, I think they are worse than I expected. They didn't let me see. They won the game and I respect them. I can only say so much. Hill just said one thing: Brown did win. Brown not only won the ball, but also limited the number of Hill's punching balls to 55 yards. Most of the numbers were brushed out in the garbage time. In addition, Brown also caused Hill to drop a ball, and three times to intercept the pass of tigers quarterback Andy Dalton (And cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y Dalton), limiting the total number of attacks of the tigers to 200 yards. It is clear that Brown has successfully suppressed the tiger in all respects. Hill was in the fourth quarter of game on the sidelines when irrational anger threw a helmet, when a reporter asked why Hill fell helmet, Hill did not reflect on their own problems, but continue to belittle Brown: "those players don't like Brown, are our own accident did not play well. They didn't play so well that we were not in good condition to let them win today. on Friday when Brown main safetys Tang pedicle (Donte Whitner) - Wittner responded to Hill's comments: "he is a rookie. The loser who loses the ball only speaks sour words, and we all ignore him. We're going to have another game anyway, and see you again. "on Saturday local time, 49 people in San Francisco announced that the team originally laid off 3 quarterback Josh Johnson (Josh Johnson), signed a tight end Asante - Cleveland (Asante Cleveland), and he will be included in the list of 53 people. signed Cleveland for a continuous injury to the 49 people at the present near end. Vernon Davis, the team's starting team, injured his left ankle and knee during last week's 20-28 defeat to the Chicago bear. He did not attend any training this week. The replacement of the proximal accord, Macdonald (Vance McDonald) right knee injury. Although Macdonald was considered to be able to compete on Sunday, all two were listed as "doubtful". before, Macdonald had been signed by 49 people in May 12th as a rookie and completed a match in the show. 49 people know him very well, so when the team needs, the first time to attract him. At present, 49 popular, in addition to Macdonald, in the proximal wing position with Derek - Carrier (Derek Carrier) to keep the eighth week's competition, Cincinnati tiger fierce home win Baltimore crows, not only ended three rounds, but also played a very favorable position in the same area competition. This game tiger wide receiver Mohammed Thanou (Mohamed Sanu) is one of the team. Sanuben field scored a career high 5 receptions for 125 yards and two rushing the ball 27 yards, the most critical is at the end of the game when facing the third conversion Thanou winning 53 yards receiving, laid the foundation for the final comeback. tiger star wide receiver AJ- Green (A.J.Green) this season has been the subject of toe injury, Malvin took over the original two extra Jones (Marvin Jones) did not play a season already. Now is the best time to show their Sanou, he was lucky enough to have a good grasp of the. The tigers coach Malvin - Lewis (Marvin Lewis) said in an interview: "when we choose the Thanou expect him to play this performance, he has been in the Malvin and Jones competition, now he grasped the opportunity to compete in the way ahead, very good." If you keep the current Sanou rhythm, he will be expected to get 80 catches for 1200 yards and 7 touchdowns, while Green after the return of the necessary data Thanou decreased, but he has excellent performance to prove that he is a trustworthy offensive weapon. The official website of NFL | Manning, Marshall and other players to return to training | football according to the Denver Broncos in front of the reporter, with the end of the first round of the playoffs, bye Denver Broncos also began his training, star quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) and Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) will return to training team. last week due to leg injuries, Manning did not participate in any training, similarly, Marshall in December 14th against San Diego lightning played a sprained right foot also missed training last week. According to reporter: because of a neck injury missed the last game of the season safetys T.J Ward (T.J.Ward) also return to training, it is reported that in the regular season, the Mustang before the last game, the team was sick with up to 22 players on the list, including safety David Bruton (David Bruton Jr.) and right guard Feng Orlando - Franklin (Orlando Franklin) is because of the absence of a concussion.

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