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The official website of NFL | priceless: Fiftieth Super Bowl tickets | football The fiftieth super bowl of will certainly make it difficult for people to forget. is a legend of the end or the beginning of a new era, representing the Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) and Newton (Cam Newton) - cam. , the ticket price of the golden event, is obviously not surprising to us. They are really expensive. , according to the professional ticketing website, is the cheapest for all 400 of their seats for $3000. The ticketing website spokesman said: our tickets for the lowest price is $3000, which mainly located in the top corner and middle area, the average fare is $4500 to $4700, close to the end line of the price ticket in accordance cheap nfl jerseys free shipping with the standard incremental $10 thousand.lost in the Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Henry Melton (Henry Melton) after ushered in a bad news, another defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford (Tyrone Crawford) the team was listed as "doubt". This means that the probability of him to play in the wild card race this week is only 50%. The team revealed after training on Friday local time that the cause of Crawford's injury was the flu. line guard Roland Mcclain (Rolando McClain) missed the last week of the regular season match with Washington's red skin for the same reason the flu. DeMarco Murray (DeMarco) has improved his hand, and the cold is almost healed. The team said, as a central figure in both ends, unsurprisingly, two people are scheduled to play the wild card game. line guard Anthony hichens (Anthony Hitchens) for 3 consecutive days of absence of training, the same is listed as doubtful". Right tackle Doug Foley (Doug Free) because of the absence of the full training this week left ankle injury, he almost certainly absent for third games. Jeremy - Parnell (Jemery Parnell) will continue to replace him in the first place.The official website of NFL | all star running back Pedersen after two days of training in the absence of | football Minnesota Viking runner Adrian Pedersen (Adrian Peterson) has been absent for two days training, but the team believes that the star running guard will appear in Kansas City on the weekend. Pedersen was absent for two days on Wednesday and Thursday, and is said to be due to personal reasons. Pedersen did not participate in two pre-season games. Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) coach had previously suggested that he didn't need to play too much in pre-season. now the Vikings have given most of the tasks to the substitute runner Matt - Aseta (Matt Asiata), and two pre - season games have also won. Along with linebacker Chad greenway (Chad Greenway) regression wrist pain after the Vikings ready on Saturday with the Kansas City Chiefs game. news: Adrian - Pedersen is in the training camp and announces the marriage related video: first run forward Pedersen wonderful collectionNew York giant defensive player Jason Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) fireworks accident led to amputation of his fingers, and was known for the first time after the incident. recently dismissed 2 staff in an emergency surgery hospital for Pierre Paul because they leaked the medical situation of Pierre and Paul. Jackson Memorial Hospital gives the official explanation: "after the investigation in July 2015, the disclosure of Pierre Paul's condition was related to the violation of the relevant provisions of the hospital. This is not allowed in our hospital rules. The final confirmation is that 2 staff members have provided personal health information for patients. At present, the 2 people and the expulsion of them are the highest goal of our hospital. at that time Pierre Paul's fireworks incident was spread in the summer.

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