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Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) stressed that he refused to attend on Friday by the alliance arrangement disciplinary hearing. Peterson by the players' Union issued a statement saying he had informed the staff ball by President Roger - Guder (Roger Goodell) contrary to the meeting with the "collective bargaining agreement". Peterson said, "the report published by NFL said that my absence was inaccurate. On Friday, Godell's office asked me if I attended the disciplinary hearing. After consulting the trade union, I learned that the so-called disciplinary hearing is new and inconsistent with the collective bargaining agreement. On Tuesday and three or four, the trade unions were carrying out mail, letters and dialogues on the essence of the disciplinary hearing, the way of convening, the presence and the purpose and the alliance office. We have repeatedly asked the alliance to respond to us as soon as possible, because I want to return to the game. But it wasn't until Wednesday night that the alliance answered, but did not answer any of our questions about the 'disciplinary hearing'. Peterson added: "after consulting with the trade union, I will reply to the alliance. I will attend a meeting of standard significance, that is, meeting with the agreement under the collective bargaining agreement. I will not take part in any new, non - agreement meeting, including those who are not willing to disclose it by NFL. At present, I have solved my criminal problems in the scope of the law, and I try to make up for everything I do. I have been absent for the most part of the season, an cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d I have done well with Mr. Godell's frank and forthcoming events. But I do not allow the alliance to ignore the collective bargaining agreement, ignore the agreements they have made with me before, and impose a new process on me. The disciplinary hearing procedure is arbitrary and inconsistent with the agreement, which is contrary to their original commitment. For these reasons, I don't agree with the convening of this disciplinary hearing.Handball | Liu Peng: to accelerate the development of social sports instructors fitness | hand Association Cleveland Guangzhou on 15 December, (reporter cable) stressed that the State Sports Minister Liu Peng in Guangzhou on 15 trips to Guangzhou Sports University at the national level social sports instructor training courses, social sports instructors are an important force of the national fitness, and local government should intensify training, promote fitness and better development. On the morning of 15, Liu Peng attended the national class social sports instructor training class held in Guangzhou Sports University. A total of 117 students from four provinces in Fujian, Hainan, Guangxi and Guangdong participated in this period of training. watched Luo Xinghua professor of Guangzhou Institute for students of exercise prescription after the talks, Liu Peng first affirmed the important role of social sports instructors, he said to the students, as a mass sports publicity, mentor, organizer, maintenance, social sports instructors active at the grassroots level, constitute a part of our national fitness activities system coverage. it is understood that China's current regular exercise (three times a week to participate in the exercise, every half an hour or more, medium intensity) population is 28.2%, but at present our country about 400 thousand social sports instructors, including national social sports instructors only more than 3500. Liu Peng said: 400 thousand, the proportion of social sports instructors in 1 billion 300 million population is much larger than that in developed countries. Therefore, we need to expand the team of social sports instructors, and we need great efforts to grasp the basic short board of national fitness. Liu Peng pointed out that now the domestic training in accordance with the classification system to promote the development of social sports instructors, national social sports instructor training and examination and approval by the State Sports General Administration designated qualified units, plus the provincial, city and county one or two, three social sports instructors constitute the whole system. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? he said that all levels of social sports instructors in the implementation of the three elements of the national fitness sports organizations and sports activities of the two block play a greater role, through your services, the dissemination of knowledge of science and health to the masses, improve our scientific fitness level, and bring more people into sports exercise.a week ago, Kenny - Britt (Kenny Britt) was still in the mire with the worst team in the league. A week later, the veteran joined the league's strongest team. 4 days after Cleveland Brown was cut off by Cleveland Brown, Britt will join the new England Patriot with a 2 - year contract. Britt in the offseason and Brown signed a value of $32 million 500 thousand, including $10 million 500 thousand guaranteed income lucrative contract. But he had a few chances to catch the ball at the end. now Britt just completed the 18 ball 233 yards and 2 touchdowns, means an average of $583333 per catch - he also offer a series of ball out, let the coach group questioned his attitude. was sent home early for violating the curfew rules of the Dezhou before he played against Houston Dezhou. He didn't get the chance to play in the London match of the Vikings. For Brown, who wants to find a veteran leader in a young player's position, Britt has not been able to become such a person. On the contrary, he has been bringing trouble to the team. patriots do not need Britt to be a leader. They are just looking for a player who can serve as a team four or five. Brandin Cousteau (Brandin Cooks), Danny Amendola (Danny Amendola) and Chris Hogan (Chris Hogan) out of sequence are before him, but if the outstanding performance he probably from Philip (Phillip Dorsett) was assigned to some a chance here. patriots are good at looking for veteran talents and turning many of the other teams who are not doing well in other teams into excellent players. Britt took over a thousand times in the Losangeles rams last season, but suddenly Brown had a bad performance. If he is successful in patriots, the Patriots will again show a strong level of remolding players.| squash ball will be the use of the registration system China squash tour! has the ball Bing system, which is authorized by the Chinese Squash Association, which is a sports service website customized for the Chinese squash tour. The website is Athletes and referees who participated in the Chinese squash tour were registered on this service website through the service website. The Chinese Squash Association and the organizers took the registration information collection and examination through this website. The instructions are as follows: 1, the athletes and referees that need to sign up must register for First, complete the user registration. The website will immediately enter the registration interface of the tournament. Athletes and referees should choose the corresponding entry entries to register respectively. 2, click the button, enter the corresponding entry channel, fill in the event registration information, select the competition group and submit. 3, complete the event registration, wait for the organizers to conduct relevant information audit, and submit the competition fee. After the examination and approval, there will be relevant message notification, please pay attention to check. 4, at the same time, athletes are requested to complete the notice column of the Organizing Committee on the right side of the registration information, and the organizing committee has relevant information about the tournament, which will be released on the right-hand notification column. 5. Please call and consult any questions.

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