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original title: the shirt is the pass wearing a Jersey Flamengo newspaper correspondent Sun Qing. finally to the official match of the day after the opening ceremony, the reporter specially to the mysterious equipment of Brazil finally have the opportunity to debut last year, asked a friend brought back from Brazil edition Jersey flamengo. why is flamenco? The reason is very simple, brilliant history, the emergence of Zico, Romario and other big stars of flamenco is the first Brazil football giants, the Rio estimated half is Flamengo supporters. In the Rio security situation worse rumors spread when the most popular, someone told me that "in Rio, wearing a flamenco Jersey, only 1/3 were robbed of probability......" indeed, reporters to wear this shirt in Baja Olympic Park, attracted a lot of attention. Because this is a Flamengo edition Jersey, but not the ordinary flamenco fans oh. from time to time pass wearing a different shirt man and I smile into each other's eyes wherever there are people, take the initiative to praise, "NICE SUIT!" a Chinese Olympic Games so make light of travelling a thousand li, love Flamengo Rio, people who are not happy because the way often passionate fans come and my greeting, shaking hands, clapping. in the Olympic Park experience area, this shirt won me a lot of convenience. On the day of the closing ceremony, the International Olympic Committee "Olympic Channel" will be on the line, site promotion cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to host a fancy handheld "registration card + flamenco shirt" I invited guest on the Olympic Channel host, until August 21st, maybe you can see my image in the program. in Brazil, football is a language, you will have to understand football friends; in Rio, flamenco is a kind of faith, love Flamengo will not can't do anything. Newspaper special reporter Sun Qing (Rio 6) Why spectators are booing , on the first official day of the Olympic Games, many Chinese viewers accidentally discovered that the audience in Brazil seemed to be not very friendly to Chinese athletes, and occasionally booed. At that time, netizens' comments and forums were asking, "what's the matter?" is a reporter's personal experience, and that's not the case. During the game, the audience often spontaneously set off the wave, but the audience across the middle of a large press box, the reporter has his own work, so when people go to the press gallery is interrupted, the audience will be loud boos. this is unknown so the boos for television viewers, said Chinese athletes booed completely is lying gun, in fact China team scores, the Brazilians still applaud; a big deficit, stands the Brazilian will shout "OLE OLE OLE OLE! CINA CINA (Portuguese: Chinese)!" to help Chinese cheer. Sino-American men's basketballPeyton Manning is no longer the core of the team and is only included in the secondary part of the team's game plan, which is nothing PM has ever experienced in his life. But that's the state of PM so far this season - he has become a management quarterback. in recent years has been the main attack of the Mustang now seems a bit closer to the Seahawks style, now the horse can keep the defense all rely on their unbeaten League, as long as the performance is not too bad and the quarterback can secure the victory. now PM's tactical position is the lowest career, which is not a bad thing for the wild horse, because his state is the worst level of career. The last time he saw this play, he also traced to the rookie season. He came around before the game with 6 touchdowns and 5 interceptions, four games last year he threw 8 touchdowns and 1 interceptions, two years ago, is a horrible 16 touchdowns 0 steals. these basic data can clearly show the decline of PM, so I'm not wasting my tongue on other data. PM has only ranked twenty-eighth in the ranking of PFF so far. After ranking Ryan Fitzpatrick and Johnny Manziel, most of the time is on the same level with Ryan Mallett. You know these are all the things that no one can see. but why is the performance of PM bad to this point? most people will immediately pointed out that because the PM arm, a little look at the video game can be found in PM's arm, this is just a euphemism. A number of attacks in each game can reflect PM's fragmentary arm strength, so this is the most obvious and simplest answer. But the problem is that the PM arm is not a day for two days. Since 2012 he accepted after neck surgery return has been faced with the problem of strength degradation, on the first day to join the Mustang, he is a short arm quarterback, but he still contribute to the regular season epic. he return for the 2012 season early, once in the first half of the game against the falcons was intercepted 3 times, from that game, we began to find some passing PM has been unable to complete, because his ball has enough to complete similar pass. ball loses speed, just like the loose string of the bow. Fast ball used to be an important weapon for PM in the pony period. The Dallas Clark to Seam route is the most robust pass choice of PM in many years. The horse, he needs to become a good QB to learn in case of losing the ball. Considering his actual physical condition, his rebirth in the wild horse can be regarded as one of the greatest achievements in the history of professional sports, but this topic is always weakened by people. PM has learned a new style of passing and returned to the elite quarterback after discovering that he could not use the previous pass.The wealth posed |2015 bowling Cup National bowling open tournament CPBA Wang Hongbo Tao Kailin win CpBA reports on the spot on 27-28 July 2015 2015, "the wealth of the good cup" national bowling tournament, held in Shanghai in the bowling alley after fierce competition, more than 100 players, Tao Kailin from Nanjing won the final warm-up match champion, Wang Hongbo from Guangzhou won the open championship! Nanjing teenager Pak Jun 278 divided the highest! is always the champion of the Open Championship CpBA Guangzhou Wang Hongbo, the winner of the cup warm-up champion CpBA Nanjing Tao Kailin 2015 posed Cup Bowling open serial number name first bureau second third fourth fifth sixth points total bureau bureau bureau 1 Wang Hongbo 237203257203203215013182 Chen Xiangyang 1822272022142252271812953 2282252052012041912412784 233203248183226174012675 Chen Hu Zhang Haitao Zhang Zhao Jiaxing 188210213232232185012606 225213188203203216012487 175278192213168213012398 215178223226182201012259 Shaoyi Pak Jun Liu Zhang Xiaojun 2032111892152081910121710 Cai Zhiyuan 2242242121911701960121711 2162022272011991720121712 Li Jun 18420119023418419430121713 Qianqi week Zhaoxuan Sun Tao Karen 2171821921951942220120215 Mi Zhongli 21021620618820315434121114 17420520316323418130119016 18020317221417820436118717, 1742391752002021960118618 que Lishun Niu Yi Aixiang 19519316820417920236117719 Guo Siyuan 2142131541731911903611 7120 Li Yong 2102031872152041510117021 Deng Jianliang 188183203189195〉Bruins beat Maple Leafs 5-1 in opener of playoff seriesBrad Marchand, David Backes and David Krejci each scored a power-play goal, and Tuukka Rask stopped 26 shots to lead the Boston Bruins to a 5-1 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday night in Game 1 of their first-round Eastern Conference...

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